Protecting your Information

Information provided on this website, together with all other personal data held about these individuals by the Parish and the Archdiocese of Glasgow, is processed in accordance with the Archdiocese’s Privacy Notice which is available at or the Chapel House.


New Safeguarding standards and procedures came into force on 21st May 2018. ‘In Gods Image’ our Safeguarding document, offers comprehensive guidance & instruction on all aspects of Safeguarding & in ratifying this publication the Bishops have taken this opportunity to repeat & renew apologies made to those who have suffered any form of abuse at any time by anyone representing Church.

Our commitment to Safeguarding states:-

‘We seek to uphold the highest safeguarding standards in our relationship with people of all ages who are involved in whatever capacity with the Church and its organisation… therefore, as a Church community we accept that it is the responsibility of all, whether Ordained, Professed, Employed, or Voluntary members to work together to protect children & vulnerable adults from harm…