Holy Cross Parish Church, Croy

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Mass Times

  • Saturday Vigil:
    • 6:00pm
  • Sunday:
    • 9:30am & 11:40am
  • Daily Mass:
    • Monday to Saturday, 10:00am
  • Rosary Group:
    • Monday to Saturday, 9:30am
  • Novena:
    • Tuesday, 10:00am
  • Holy Days:
    • Vigil 7:00pm, 10:00am & 7:00pm
  • Confessions:
    • After both Saturday Morning and Vigil Mass, or you may call to the Chapel House.
  • Annointing of the Sick:
    • Please call to the Presbytery to notify of any illness or hospitalisation so that we can visit you.
Holy Cross Chapel Building

Holy Cross Croy, over 100 years of parish life. The faith and resolve of the parishioners of Holy Cross is well known. For all that has been achieved, we are grateful and proud.

The foundation has been laid and we have the responsibility to build on it, looking forward to the future with confidence and hope.

Therefore, we will go forth, telling the Good News, sharing in the breaking of bread, enriching our parish community through our talents, giftedness and time; where all people are refreshed, reconciled and renewed in their journey to God.

Holy Cross Mass Times

Holy Cross Croy is a large, friendly and vibrant parish 15 miles from Glasgow city centre. Originally, the parish served the Irish Immigrants who found employment in ironstone and coal mining. Many of them settled in the area bringing with them their strong devotion to the Church.

Thankfully, this devotion and faith remains strong and our parish has a regular weekly attendance of over 800 people.

The parish also claims indirect responsibility for the Wayside Shrine at Nethercroy, near the canal. The Shrine has recently been renewed and a photograph can be seen on our Facebook Gallery.

Our beautiful Parochial Hall is available to hire for events.